Delice & Sarrasin

Say “Oui” in Greenwich Village!

Aiguillette de canard à la moutarde et estragon & petit pois carotte, bœuf bourguinon. Intimidated? Don’t be. Whether or not you remember your high school French you’ll eat well at Délice & Sarrasin. Comfort food reigns at this cozy Christopher Street nook. You will leave feeling warm, content and cultured.

Their Philosophy

Delice & Sarrasin (translation delicious and Sarrasin, the name of the buckwheat flour used in preparing the savory crepe, called “galette” in french) specializes in vegan French homemade cooking and specifically in authentic french dishes along with crepes and galettes. Our goal is to bring the authenticity and unique flavor as you can easily find it back in France, thanks to Yvette’s homemade cooking.

Leaving Toulouse, France (the brick city) for New York City (concrete jungle) was a dream that Christophe Caron had since he was a young man studying economics at Madrid’s UNED (Spain). After 5 years in NYC as a model, he runs Delice & Sarrasin with his mother Yvette and father Patrick. Yvette is the head chef and garnered her cooking prowess at Le Garenne, a well-known restaurant and hotel in the South of France.

The Caron’s family has been vegan for a few years. It took Yvette a few month to find the right ingredients to reproduce the same and authentic flavor in the typical french dishes.

Must Try!

  • Coq au vin (entrée)
  • Bœf bourguinon (entrée)
  • La Bordelaise (crêpes gourmands)
  • French cider

Why we ♥ them

  • The ambiance is so relaxing—much needed after getting off the 1 train!
  • The authenticity. The waiters are actually French and so are the owners
  • The food, obviously! The dishes are hearty and loving. You feel full without feeling stuffed.