Manna Life Food

Taste True Wellness, straight from the heavens! 

Manna Life food is definitely heaven sent! A superfood juice bar & plant based café in downtown Miami -- a much needed space to relax, eat well and delicious, and perhaps even work remotely (if you're an entrepreneur like us). Manna's motto is that nature is perfect on its own, how beautiful is that? They only use the purest ingredients nature gives us in their original unaltered form, in order to encourage a better way of eating. And it works! 

Sabra, the amazing founder of Manna believes that wellness starts from proper nourishment, and food, our life fuel, has to be carefully designed to support our bodies, health, energy and well-being. Something that translate in their beautiful oasis of health. 

Their Philosophy

Manna refers to food from heaven or Divine spiritual nourishment and Life Food because the food we serve you is life giving. Mana, like Prana and Chi is the life force that connects all living things. Manna is the miracle food which fuels the body, Mana is the energy that fuels the world and connects all living things.

We believe that eating a plant based diet is an investment in our overall health, as well as a way to create a long term spiralizing effect towards our general wellbeing.
— Sabra Seligman, Founder of Manna Life Food

At Manna Life Food they create food that respects the body, cleanses it and provides wholesome nourishment. Their foods are designed to cleanse, nourish and energize the body. They use the purest plant-based ingredients nature gives us, in their unaltered form, a variety of fresh organic produce and superfoods from around the world to create a unique and tasty culinary experience. Food is a core foundation to vibrant health, every time we eat or drink, we are either feeding dis-ease or fighting it.


  • All of their juices, specially the Green Detox
  • Their Soup of the day (always delicious!)
  • Any of their superfood Arepas
  • The smoothies - yumm!!

WHY we ♡ them

  • The ambiance at Manna is super welcoming, we'd like to move in! 
  • The flavors and how pure the food is, created from scratch, healthy and creative. 
  • The team at Manna is absolutely the best! 
  • Ask about the wallpaper!!! Trust. 

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