Sage Vegan Bistro

The Ultimate Urban Cool

This place is LA personified. It is the opposite of what some might associate with a “vegan” establishment. This isn’t hippie-dippie. This is chic and beautiful, but as sophisticated as this place is, you’ll need to unbuckle your belt. You will eat heartily.

Their Philosophy


From the farm to the table

From the farmers who started it all, to Alice Waters, the pioneer of local organic produce in fine dining at Chez Panisse, the farm to table movement has its roots in California and continues to flourish. In a time when people are more disconnected from their food than ever, we are giving the farm to table concept new life and expanding it into the realm where it makes the most sense: plant based cuisine.

Our values

We strongly believe in providing a taste experience that gives people the comforting feeling they’re used to while gently challenging their perception of food – where it comes from and how what they eat impacts the world.


We proudly partner with local farmers. And because we see and speak to the farmers themselves on a weekly basis, we know when there has been a bad tomato crop or when organic cucumbers are flourishing, which allows us to tailor our menu accordingly. This creates a win-win situation for the farmers, for us and for our customers who can eat seasonal, organic and local food for the same cost (and sometimes cheaper than) the alternative.

Must try!

Cauliflower buffalo wings (yes!)

Butternut squash ravioli (life changing!)

Apple cobbler with coconut chip ice cream (just “!”)

Why we ♥ them

Comfort food and class together in one place.

Savory dishes that make you want to lick your plate, but you won’t because this is too nice of a place for such tomfoolery.

This is a nice place to introduce someone to plant-based fare in all its tasty glory.

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