Lilikoi Organic Living

Easy, breezy, beautifully organic! 

Lilikoi Organic Living defines the beauty of walking south of fifth, wind in your hair, bicycle in tow. If you are looking for a place to brunch with family, have a nice glass of organic wine and soak on the beauty that is living-la-vida South Beach... this is your spot.


Their Philosophy

Lilikoi is committed to preparing your meals with the freshest ingredients that are locally and organically sourced. They carefully evaluate each and every product, keeping processed ingredients, unnecessary sugar and genetically modified organisms out of their dishes. 

With a devotion to organic locally grown produce that features seasonal fruits and vegetables, Lilikoi offers a complete menu of vegan, vegetarian and non-vegetarian options like meat dishes and seafood, so long as everything is organic.

We want to provide food and nutrition that support a healthier lifestyle and a more sustainable way to live. We are passionate about great tasting healthy meals and the pleasure of sharing it with those around us. We thrive on excellence and genuine hospitality.
— The Lilikoi Organic Living Team

Must Try! 

  • The Vegan Nacho Platter
  • The Falafel Wrap + Gobo Chips 
  • Gluten-Free Vegan Waffles

Why we ♡ them

The beautiful story behind the restaurant -- Manuel and Tina met in paradise while both working in the restaurant industry. He was a chef and she was working as a fine dining representative and sommelier. Two things most people will highly agree go hand in hand, food and wine. They took their dreams and turned them into reality when they moved from Hawaii to Miami and opened Lilikoi in March of 2016. Manuel took his experience working in kitchens around the world, from Michelin Star to family owned spots to create this organically sourced, clean eating, healthy focused menu. 


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