Le Botaniste

Let Food Be Thy Medicine, as they say. 

The coolest concept in plant-based food in NYC, are you ready? A 19th century pharmacy that prescribes organic plant-based food.

Le Botaniste defends that 'healthy food needs to become a standard again, accessible & practical'.  

They offer prescriptions made out of gluten-free organic plant-based foods: small bowl (dip or appetizer), large bowls (entree), or Do it Yourself. Everything is cooked on premises, and they don't fry or substitute, because their mission is to promote the vegetable in its purest form.


Their Philosophy

At Le Botaniste, transparency and sustainability are key. The founders have a real respect and appreciation for the ingredients, and promote a positive way to appreciate food. 

The front counter is designed so guests can see the food they are ordering,” he explains.
To counter the clinical theme, the 59-seat restaurant is full of homey touches such as plants and cast-iron pots, so guests aren’t intimidated by the hyper-healthy approach to food. “If they come into Le Botaniste for a meal, a snack or simply a glass of wine and feel at ease, we’ve done our job
— The founder Francois shared for Restaurant Business Online

Must Try! 

  • Red Beet Caviar
  • Seaweed Tartare
  • Any of their soups, specially their 'Dirty Noodle Soup'.
  • Anything with their peanut based curry. 

WHY we ♡ them

  • Healthy delicious plant-based organic food & natural wine bar.
  • A responsible food concept that cares about health and our planet.
  • Their beautiful 'French-vibes' setup. 
  • 100 % Botanical + 99 % Organic + Gluten-free


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