Juice Press


The edgiest kids on the block! 

Organic + Cold-pressed kick-ass madness

According to their site:

 Juice press  is an extraordinarily detail driven business. there is no other way to survive unless we are prepared to fight and win every daily problem. we build awesome retail stores and work hard to staff them with juice enthusiastic team members.

*we are usda organic. juice press uses only usda organic produce. our supplements, such as green powders, are usda organic. our kitchen is certified usda organic and inspected regularly.

*we cold press our juice. cold press juicing has several advantages. both the goodnature x1 and the norwalk juice presses shred down the solid produce to a pulp. the pulp is then pressed by the hydraulic press. this method is far more efficient than a rotary blade machine, which leaves behind much juice in the pulp.


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