Gracias Madre

Paradise Comes With Tacos & Guac

If I told you it was possible to capture the goodness of authentic Mexican cuisine sans dairy and meat, would you bite? Deliciousness ensues at Gracias Madres—your taste buds won’t know what hit them!

Their Philosophy

Our mission is to celebrate and serve the presence of the mother which resides above us, within our hearts, within the earth, and in all those who nurture us. We serve cuisine inspired by the kitchens of Mexico sourced from locally grown organic ingredients. Welcome to a seat at love's table. Un lugar en la mesa del amor.

We first conceived the idea of Gracias Madre while visiting the families of our employees in Mexico. We wanted to both; offer organic Mexican food to the communities we serve as well as honor the mothers who work tirelessly in the kitchens of Mexico and often live without their husbands and children while they work side by side with us in California. Inspired by some of the recipes of these families and the love of their mothers, Gracias Madre serves organic, farm fresh, locally sourced food, full of flavor and love.

Must try!

Nachos (because…nachos!)

Flautas de camote (heavenly sweet potato roll-ups in a crispy shell with a side of the most flavorful black beans you will have in this lifetime)

Why we ♥ them

It’s the ultimate comfort food of the Mexican variety.

You may be pigging out, but you do so in posh digs. Gracias Madre is chic elegance.

That $6 weekday happy hour. You can try some of the best items on the menu for half-price!