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How Green Smoothies Changed my Life & How to Make Them

It wasn’t until I become Vegan in 2008 that I even considered it to be an actual meal. I was new to Veganism, and although most breakfast options naturally are vegan, I was into this new thing called “nutrient density” by Joel Fuhrman. And I was just curious enough to try it. Lucky for me, just around that time my parents had bought an expensive blender called a “Vitamix”, at the recommendation of a neighbor, and it blended up that spinach so fine you couldn’t even taste it.

After I took the Green Plunge, I soon came across another book called “Green for Life” by Victoria Boutenko. Boutenko took it a step even further and suggested blending up even stranger greens like kale, parsley, cilantro, and even dandelion. For one summer, I drank those Green Smoothies religiously and told everyone I could about them. Of course, you’d get some looks drinking a thick, swamp colored sludge out a glass mason jar, the only vessel that was big enough to hold a good portion, but the feeling after was well worth it. It just so happened at the time I was in to it the most; I was away for two weeks and had to use a $40 blender to blend up my potions. Imagine chunky, chewy, slimy mouthfuls of berries and parsley. Not my finest moment!

Regardless, following Boutenko’s tutelage, I slowly started creating blends I really enjoyed (with a proper blender), and my energy levels were through the roof! I learned about; food combining, why you should put as many greens as possible, and how greens could make you strong, heal your skin, improve your digestion, and fill you up for hours. Reading her family’s story of transformation at a time when eating like that was lunacy, healing all their chronic diseases, is truly inspirational. Her books “Green for Life” and “Green Smoothies Revolution” will open your eyes to a whole world of information you’ve probably never considered.

Fast forward to now, and we no longer have to drink disgusting, chunky, chewy smoothies to get the full benefit of adding leafy greens to our drinks. Now there is rarely a day where you will see me without one. Though, I couldn’t have got into it without that book as a guide, my own method has changed a lot of the years and I’d love to share those tips with you here!

Top 5 Ways to Fall in Love with Green Smoothies

1) Invest in a Good Blender- this is key!!! If you have ever had a terrible smoothie, it is because the greens weren’t blended up smoothly. I of course use, Vitamix, but if you can’t afford that right now, the magic bullet is a good option.

2) Start with 50/50 Fruit to Greens- when you are starting out. This will make sure you don’t taste a thing, but get all the benefits! Adjust the ratio as you get used to the taste, but the more the better. Salad in a cup!

3) Keep it Simple- use minimal ingredients and don’t worry about super foods. The high potency of having a lot of blended greens will give you a big boost of energy. Minimal ingredients will keep you level headed (see my suggestions below).

4) Have it Cold- when I first started, I found having it room temperature was really gross! I still prefer my smoothies’ cooler, but not brain freeze cold! I achieve this by having a mix of frozen/ fresh fruit. You can also use ice, but if so, use less liquid.

5) Always add Citrus- lemon, lime, orange, and grapefruit, pineapple all help to neutralize the bitter taste of leafy greens. Especially with kale. Squeeze ½ an orange into your drink, or a small splash of pure orange juice.

Base (1-2 cups): Water, Coconut water, or Nut milk

Fruit Layer (1-3 whole pieces): Mango, Banana, Peach, Pineapple

Greens Layer (2 cups): Spinach, Baby Kale, Kale, and Swiss chard

Herb Layer (2-6 sprigs): Mint, cilantro, or parsley

Fat Layer (3 tsp-1 tbsp): Avocado, Hemp Seeds, Chia Seed

Tip: use caution, if you have blood sugar imbalances, leave out the fat. You may notice you feel lethargic/ sluggish if you use too much.

Most importantly, have fun with it! Copy smoothies you like from your favorite Green Hopping Bars, add and subtract ingredients, experiment with adding the fat layer, see how it makes you feel. Remember simple is best, you are still getting a mega health boost from drinking your greens. Drink to health!


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Jocelyn Alisha

Is the creator behind "Beautifully Wild" an online platform designed to inspire women to reconnect back to their true nature and live life on purpose. She is plant-passionate and a big believer in eating intuitively, seasonally, and locally and following what feels right, versus what is suggested. She is a Nutritionist, and the curator behind the former "Pure Raw Nature" Smoothie and Juice bar, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 

When she is not in the kitchen creating, she is seeking inspiration outside, in the abundant forest behind her home. Writing for her blog Beautifully Wild, and using her unique nutritionist background combined with intuition to help clients from all over the world awaken to their radiance by cultivating practices in self-love, natural beauty, and eating from a place of connectedness. 

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