Verb: The act of "hopping" from green bar to green bar; in reference to the popular term 'bar-hopping.'

GreenHopping helps you find organic green juices, smoothies, juice bars, health food stores, and raw, gluten-free, vegan plant based restaurants! #HAPPYHOPPING it's a health revolution



In 2012, GreenHopping's co-founder, Catherine Cuello, suffered a health scare at the age of 23. She lost her left ovary out of precaution and because of a germ cell tumor. Rather than commit to a lifetime and lifestyle of prescribed medicine, Catherine decided to change her lifestyle and eating habits to reboot her immune system - going raw vegan literally overnight.  

It has been a beautiful journey, as her life changed drastically for the better and she reached a higher consciousness state of awareness and gratitude. She realized how energized and clean green juices and raw foods made her feel, and thought she needed to share it with those around her.

Catherine met her lifetime partner while on her healing journey, and has learned how to live a more grounded, natural, organic, sugar-free, and plant-based lifestyle because of her health scare. It is yet another way of showing that everything happens for a reason.  

In 2013, Catherine's partner and GreenHopping co-founder, Alfred Fuente, thought a mobile app that would help Catherine to locate green juices and buy them via the app or the Internet would facilitate the process when in a new city or neighborhood. The mobile app concept is constantly changing and expanding as they discover new and better ways of living.